What’s been running through my head recently is this.. as we orbit the sun and our sun in turn ascribes an orbit of the galactic centre, the actual path we plot is nowhere near circular (ok ok elliptical) but rather a stretched out spiral through space. ~~~~~~ ( Thus the region of space which we travel through increases by orders of magnitude with each body (or group of bodies) that are orbited.

We  are told that our planet orbits the sun in an ellipsis (as shown in the graphic ), however as the sun itself is not stationary in space, were we to ascribe an ellipsis in space as opposed to about the  sun it would move on and leave us behind in space.

The question this ultimately leads me to is this.

Does the Milky way galaxy perform the same dance around a ‘universe centre’ (or another celestial body)?
Because if so, then we would be travelling through unique spacial locations within our universe all the time. If everything is moving/orbiting through the universe in unison we would never be aware of that movement from little old planet Earth.

Can any of you astronomical scholastic sorts out there shed any light?

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