I have noticed recently a growing trend towards websites only accepting registrations from people with Facebook accounts.

One has to wonder what is behind this move, this can only be a choke-hold on membership surely the more ways a person can join a website the better. I for one, committed “digital suicide”  on Facebook after they made all the changes to the privacy a couple of years ago and will not be renewing it just so that I can comment on certain sites, and surely I cannot be alone in this add to this the people who “just don’t want” a Facebook account. According to this article there are 2.4 billion Internet users worldwide as of 2013, of them some 1.11 Billion Facebook users according to Wikipedia’s article Facebook Statistics

So that means just under 50% of current Internet users are excluded from joining these sites, now ok I am no wizz kid businessman, but surely excluding 50% of your potential market is not a good thing for any business


One such site is The Huffington Post a great site with some really good articles, I went to comment on one the other day and I get prompted with a “login with” screen, granted there was more than just Facebook offered here (and this box has led me to consider creating a Twitter account), however right now I have no accounts with any of the options available, so no choice hit the “Create Account” button only to be presented with “Login using your verified Facebook account” and no other option!


Many of the other sites I have encountered have been main stream news and current affairs, a couple of the UK’s biggest newspapers included, recently removing the option to be hidden in search results and the comment by David Ebersman CFO  of Facebook ‘We did see a decrease in daily users, especially younger teens”, add to this their recent decision to allow teenagers to open their profiles to the public, a decision criticised by a number of child safety groups. You have to wonder why such large companies restrict/limit comments on their websites to only people with Facebook accounts.

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